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The Fourth Issue of “The Vanguards of Kharasan” – A Periodical from the Afghanistan Mujahideen
By SITE Institute
March 27, 2006

The 79-page fourth issue, November 2005 edition of the ?Vanguards of Kharasan,? a periodic magazine published by the ?Media Committee? of the al-Qaeda mujahideen in Afghanistan and electronically distributed across several jihadist forums, contains articles across a variety of subjects including Muslim riots in Paris, the Pakistan earthquake, a specter of democracy in Afghanistan and Iraq and contemporary trend of emancipating women. In addition, the magazine has writings of the virtue and goal of the mujahideen as a unified force, and list of operations executed within a three month span.

Opening this issue is an editorial concerning the earthquake that hit Pakistan last October in which the author deems it to be a ?manifestation of the mercy of Allah,? which will enable paradise in the next world at the cost of suffering in this earthly realm. The piece also chastises the Pakistani government for not preparing the country for such a disaster and allegedly stealing material and financial support that was to reach the hurt people. In a similar vein, the opening article, ?Uprising of the Wretched in Paris,? written by Hussam Abdul Ruuf, surmises that that relative lawlessness of French society vis-à-vis Islamic Shari?a was met by Allah in fomenting rancor amongst Muslim youth in the state. The article emphasizes that this rioting in Paris is equivalent, and even preferable, to an attack of the mujahideen in the city:

?We thought that Allah would strike it [France] with disaster at the hands of the believing Mujahideen, and it [France] even made preparations for this; it sought to find out the day in which it would wake up to the sounds of explosions rocking its capital, Paris, as had already happened in the greatest cities of Europe, Asia, Africa and American. However, the calamity came from Allah, and he turned the circumstances in such a way as to light the fire of uprising. This cost France many times more than would have cost it the results of a suicide operation, no matter its scope?.

This article concludes with a warning to France and every country implementing similar policies that they will be struck unless they abandon their imperialist ambitions and aggression upon Muslims.

Another article argues against accusations that the mujahideen are dispersed, unified and only seek to escape oppression of prison and ?spiritual torture? by their families and society. This piece, ?Brothers You Held for Armor,? written by Sheikh Abdul Hakim Hussan, in its refutation argues that although some groups in the past have not been led by the ?clear path,? this is no longer then case and the mujahideen are a legitimate force. Concerning democracy and elections in Afghanistan and Iraq, an article by Hussam Abdul Ruuf titled: ?Afghanistan and the Phantom of Democracy? contains myriad facts, quotes and statistics showing that the situation in the aforementioned states is difficult at the social, financial, cultural and security levels. He states: ?This tragic situation has not changed despite the fact that over four years have passed since America?s occupation of Afghanistan. On the contrary, the situation has deteriorated with the continuous ?hemorrhage? of the Afghani?s people resources by the occupiers and by their collaborators.? The elections are considered ?formal and comical? and Ruuf advocates jihad as the sole means of liberating the states and implement Islamic law.

A lengthy article titled: ?Destruction in the Name of Liberation,? by Muhammad Salem Abdul Halim, is a misogynistic treatise on the dangers of empowering women, claiming that the emancipation of women in Islamic society will corrupt Muslim women, and is only meant to make Islamic states collapse.

A summary of the magazine and a translation of selected articles are provided to our Intel Service members.

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