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A Call Upon Saudi Security Forces to Turn Upon Americans as Revenge for Iraq by Lewis Attiya Allah
By SITE Institute
March 29, 2006

A message purported to have been written by Lewis Attiya Allah, an al-Qaeda ideologist, addressing Saudi security forces, intelligence forces, and general Muslim population and asking them to turn upon American soldiers as revenge for Iraq was recently distributed to a jihadist forum. Most of the rancor from Attiya Allah is directed against the Saudi government for allowing American forces to maintain their bases on their land, not only supporting them logistically, but allegedly controlling oil for their needs. He states if the ?Crusader campaign? was not launched from Saudi Arabia, the America would have ?fell in days? in its War in Iraq.

Following his lengthy diatribe on the Saudi royal family and the American ?occupier,? Lewis Attiya Allah urges those within the Saudi security apparatus who still have faith in Islam that it is an ?obligation? to shoot Americans instead of protecting them, and to kill those who order them to protect Americans. In addition, he calls upon every pilot to bomb American carriers stationed the Gulf, and lacking those targets, to attack airports where the planes are housed or even the palaces of who protects the American soldiers.

To the Muslim people in general, he states: ?…those Crusaders came to us invading and killing our brothers in Iraq. Do not miss it, kill them and beat them everywhere and kill whomever you have the change and all who help them or facilitate their mission in killing the Iraqi people?.

A translation of the message is provided to our Intel Service members.

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