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The Revenge Brigades Issues a Video Interview with Jill Carroll in Which They Announce Her Release
By SITE Institute
March 30, 2006

Concurrent with the release from capture today of Jill Carroll, an American reporter for the Christian Science Monitor who was captured in Baghdad on January 7, 2006, her captors, the Revenge Brigade issued on March 30, 2006, an 8:50 minute video interview with Ms. Carroll. Both the questions asked by the interviewer and Jill Carroll?s responses are in the English language, as she is asked of her conditions during her captivity and her opinions on the American-led War in Iraq and the mujahideen. Her answers are lauding towards the mujahideen, stating that she was treated as a guest and they are clever and very familiar with the Iraqi terrain, as opposed to the American Army that could not locate her with all the technology and manpower at their disposal.

Concerning her release, the interview asks Ms. Carroll how she feels that she will be granted freedom, while women are continuing to be held in Abu Ghraib. Though she is relieved that she is being released, she states that she feels guilt, and her condition juxtaposed with that of the women in prison shows the dichotomy in terms of human respect shown by the mujahideen and American Army. She asks President Bush to cease the war and end the aggression upon the Iraqi people who are continuously living in abject condition.

Near the close of the interview, a statement is read in Arabic announcing Jill Carroll?s release, and noting that the Americans forces and CIA did not assist in her freedom. It was the American government agreeing to some of their conditions that brokered her release. The mujahid states: ?Jill Carol, go back in peace to your family and to your country, to tell them and to the American people what you saw and heard during these three months. You are a witness of the events here and we have full confidence in you that you will tell the truth without any falsification.?

The video and a translation of the Arabic statement is provided to our Intel Service members.

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