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A Statement from Sheikh Hamed al-Ali Warning of the Implementation of Iranís Designs in Iraq and Upon the Sunni Muslim People
By SITE Institute
March 30, 2006

A statement from Sheikh Hamed al-Ali dated yesterday, March 29, 2006, warns the Sunni Muslim people of the implementation of the ?most dangerous phase? of an alleged Iranian plot to control Iraq and the entire Gulf region. His text is replete with accusations of torture and heinous crimes perpetrated by the Iranian ?secret soldiers? in Iraq or as part of militias related to Iran like Badr and al-Mahdi, and their having bombed the Golden Mosque in Samarra to cover their crimes against the Sunnis. To meet this threat, Sheikh al-Ali recommends fighting against these forces. He states: ?The Shari?a duty, and it is one of the first Shari?a duties and the biggest divine precept, is to stand up to this deceitful plan and uproot it before it becomes bigger and stop it. Support the Sunni people in Iraq and other weak people who oppose the Safwi conspiracy, and uncover its real goals.?

Sheikh Hamed bin Abdullah al-Ali was acquitted by a Kuwait judge Tuesday, December 27, 2005 of suspicion of forming a fundamentalist group in Kuwait that plotted to execute terrorist attacks in the country and for alleged complicity in four shoot-outs between Islamic militants and Kuwait security in January of this year. Sheikh al-Ali is a former secretary general of the Salafi Movement who received a two-year suspended sentence for publicly opposing Kuwait?s support for the US-led war on Iraq in 2003.

A translation of the statement is provided to our Intel Service members.

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