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The Concept of Civil War and its Meaning in Iraq
By SITE Institute
April 3, 2006

The Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF) distributed a message today, April 3, 2006, in both English and Arabic to a password-protected jihadist forum, written by Abu Abdulrahman al-Baghdadi, which develops an argument about the concept of ?civil war? and its meaning in Iraq. Baghdadi argues that the Western media has ?cleverly changed? the opinion of people today in their pursuit of tarnishing the image of the mujahideen, and promulgated Western terminology to Muslims. A discussion is developed around the term ?civilian? and its definition, believing that to call the strife between the Shi?a and Sunni in Iraq culminating in civil war is inappropriate, as it means turning civilians into combatants.

He also states: ?Many people (and scholars) denounce the Civil war, ruling that it is illegal in Islam and ask the Mujahideen to restrain them selves lest there is a Civil war.? Many historical examples and Qur?anic verses are cited to belie the argument of the mujahideen showing restraint, and he believes that the Shi?ites have aligned with the ?Crusaders? and instigated hostility. He concludes: ?The Muslims did not initiate this conflict. However, once this WAR has been started, it is obligatory to defend oneself and take appropriate measures to defeat and humiliate the enemy of Islam. They (Shee3a) are themselves to blame to bring upon them selves the wrath of the Mujahideen with the help of Allah."

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