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Mining by Freeport: Colonialism Disguised as Investment in Indonesia
By SITE Institute
April 4, 2006

The Indonesian-Islamist site featured in mid-March an article by the editor of al-Islam, which discusses mining in Papua, a province of Indonesia, by the Freeport Company, as clandestine colonialism and advocates Islamic Shari?a responses to such. Included in the piece is a historical examination of Freeport?s exploration and ?exploitation? of not only Papua?s resources, but workers signed to purportedly fraudulent contracts, the abject condition of the environment from the company?s diggings and tailings, and neglect to manage the affairs of the Muslim Nation.

The author chiefly advocates nationalizing the mining industry in Indonesia, charging that the exploitation of resources by the multinational corporation hinders the state?s economic growth from the potential revenue. He thus describes the mining is Papua as a ?very strategic national asset? and states that the Indonesian people must demand several services of the government, such as: voiding the work contract with Freeport, rejecting ?capitalist and imperialist? methods in developing natural resources, rather utilizing a ?Muslim system? and institute governance by Islamic Shari?a, to which officials will be beholden to. The article states: ?Indeed, only through Muslim Shari?ah and trustworthy leadership can we create a communal and national life well.?

A translation of the article is provided to our Intel Service members.

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