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A Statement from Mullah Omar, Emir of the Taliban, Concerning the Iraqi Insurgency and Future Wave of Attacks in Afghanistan
By SITE Institute
April 5, 2006

A statement made by Mullah Muhammad Omar, Emir of the Taliban, and dated March 16, 2006, addresses the situation in Iraq between the Sunnis and Shi?ites, fallacies by Western media and the Afghan government concerning the Afghan resistance, and joining of many youth to the Taliban movement. Mullah Omar argues that Muslims have begun to realize to the ?truth? of the West against Islam, and writes of the extent that the ?head and leader of Zionism,? U.S. President George W. Bush, his administration and his ?agents? have gone in this pursuit. To this end the statement references the ?fake? elections in both Iraq and Afghanistan, condemnation by the American government towards Hamas and Bush?s alleged humiliating glances towards the group chosen by the people.

Mullah Omar argues that to continue the propagation of American policy in Iraq and Muslim countries and force Muslims to abandon their resistance, the U.S. government seeks to spread sectarian war between the Sunnis and Shi?ites. However, he states: ?the Iraqi mujahideen resistance is increasing day after day, and the American forces are facing unrest and panic.? Similarly in Afghanistan, America and the Afghan government are purportedly spreading propaganda to convince the Afghan people to ignore the ?aggression upon Afghanistan by 38 unbeliever countries… and what the American soldier beasts are doing in the houses and villages of Afghanistan.? Rather, Mullah Omar avers that Afghan youth have been turning out in large numbers to mujahideen centers and requesting their names be added to lists of suicide attacks and other attacks. He states: ?With this overwhelming desire of the people, I can say that by the beginning of the summer season, the group will be fire under the feet of the Crusader forces and their agents. They will be faced by unexpected waves from the Afghan resistance.?

A translation of the statement is provided to our Intel Service members.

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