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A Call for the Destruction of Buildings and “Crusader” Embassies Referencing Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri’s Text, “Knights Under the Prophet’s Banner”
By SITE Institute
April 11, 2006

A document distributed amongst several jihadist forums references Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri?s text, Knights Under the Prophet?s Banner, as the author presents a case for the necessity of destroying ?Crusader? buildings and embassies to meet the escalating purported war between the West and Islam. The statement urges that large losses and casualties must be inflicted upon the enemy, and the author states: ?And I say because of this we recommend the harsh punishments for the unbelievers; they kill our innocent people, so we must kill their innocent people; and also, we have to hit them hard in order to destroy their skyscrapers to have a popular discontent as a tool to put pressure on the devils; to compel them to get out of our lands.?

Throughout the message, the author provides excerpts of Zawahiri?s writings to support his position, arguing for the usefulness of suicide operations, strategy encompassing all Muslims, and potential collateral damage in attacks as the Islamic Caliphate is installed. Further, the author highlights eight periodic goals, including the targeting of the enemy?s financial resources so as to cripple their economy and paralyze their power, kidnap journalists and celebrities, maintain terror within the enemy by threatening to target airports and Israel and American travel agencies, and to give the ?jihad in the Philippines some importance through supporting it on the Internet?. For this latter point, the statement reads that jihadi sites and forums must be further developed to fight in an information war beside that in the military theater.

A translation of the message is provided to our Intel Service members.

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