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Prince of Jaish Ansar Al-Sunnah Insurgency Group in Iraq Addresses a Message to all Muslims
By SITE Institute
January 20, 2005

In a new statement posted to their website today, January 19, 2005, and on the occasion of Eid al-Adha (The Feast of the Sacrifice) , the Emir [Prince] of Jaish Ansar Al-Sunnah [the Army of the Supporters of the Sunnah] - the insurgency group in Iraq which has carried out numerous attacks in Iraq - addressed a message to all Muslims, encouraging them to go for the Jihad against the enemies of All‚h, ?worshippers of the pigs and Crosses?, and to support their brothers the Mujahideen for His sake.

Quoting verses from the Qur?an and the Hadeeth, he promises them a place in Heaven, and claims that Hell will be the eternal resting-place of the non-Muslims, calling the Crusader Americans ?cowboys, drowning in sin, corruption and pornography?.

On the occasion of Eid al-Adha, Bin Mahmoud asks the Muslims, to be generous with their brothers the Mujahideen, and with the families that the martyrs have left in their custody; for ?he who assists a Mujahid for the sake of All‚h, or a conqueror in difficulty or those who are depending on him, All‚h shall take him in His shade, the day when he has no other shade but his own.?

He asks them to ?not forget what the worshippers of the Cross have done to your brothers and sisters, for they have shed virtuous blood, and desecrated pure honors. Such is their custom at all times?.

Jaish Ansar al-Sunnah is believed to be an offshoot of Ansar al-Islam [Supporters of Islam], the Iraqi terrorist group affiliated with al-Qaeda and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

A full translation of the statement is provided to members of our Intel Service.

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