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An Audio Message from the Islamic Army in Iraq: “Why There is a Jihadist Umma”
By SITE Institute
April 18, 2006

The Islamic Army in Iraq recently issued an 18:32 minute audio message titled: ?Why There is a Jihadist Umma,? spoken by Dr. Sheikh Nasr al-Deen Mohammad Al-Amin, a member of the group?s media division, in which he portrays a divine Muslim Nation predicated on sanctity to Islam, subservience to Allah and willingness to engage in jihad. The latter point of jihad is stressed continuously throughout the message as beneficial to Muslims, regarding it as the ?top of Islam? and a ?commandment,? in addition to being the only viable means of removing their disgrace brought upon by the ?occupation with the affairs of this world?.

Only when the Muslim Nation becomes a ?jihad fighting? Nation, can be it become divine. Dr. Sheikh al-Amin argues three conditions and meanings for this divinity, including willingness amongst the people to embrace death and reject life. He states: ?Worshippers of Allah, prepare yourself to a glorious deed. Aspire to death and you will be given life. Death is inevitable, and it happens only once; if you cause it to be for Allah, than it is the yield of this world and the reward of the Hereafter.? Second, jihad tests the Umma in filtering out those amongst the Muslims who stand with the enemy, freeing the Nation as a whole from conspiracy and those who may hold them back. Within this point the sheikh doctor avers his belief that the Caliphate will return following the current ?important historical period?. Third, the Umma must be ?mighty and awe inspiring,? willing to endure sacrifices to cement themselves in power.

Concluding the message, Dr. Sheikh al-Amin states that after all these meaning are known and jihad ?cleanses the soul and relieves? worries, the Umma will be strengthened and only then become victorious. To stray from jihad is only to bode harmful to Muslims as they fall under the sway of the ?infidels?.

The Arabic audio clip, summary and translation of selected excerpts are provided to our Intel Service members.

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