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Jihadist Forum Provides Biography of a Suicide Bomber in Iraq, Abu Osman al-Yamani
By SITE Institute
April 18, 2006

In the series of ?martyr? biographies distributed amongst jihadist forums, akin in detail and structure to those distributed by al-Qaeda in Iraq, and now the Mujahideen Shura Council, the story of Abu Osman al-Yamai, the ?Paradise Lover,? was recently published. Abu Osman, a man of Yemeni origin, is written to have traveled with haste to Iraq for jihad, bowing before Allah and weeping upon his entrance to the country unlike the ?young men nowadays who cry over a sweetheart or over a singer?. According to the writer, he enlisted in the suicide brigade of al-Qaeda in Iraq, the al-Bara?a bin Malik Brigade, and awaited his turn by providing assistance to his fellow mujahideen with general chores and buoying their spirits.

The biography indicates that Abu Osman was chosen to participate in a suicide operation targeting the new American barracks in Haseiba, in the area of al-Sanjak. The military commander in charge of the operation chose to use a suicide bomber in combination with sniper fire to ease the entry of the mujahideen and decrease the number of potential casualties and loss of equipment. The biography states: ?He went fast and attacked the enemy crushing their fortifications, causing them tens of killing and injured. It looked like a real battlefield. The medical helicopters were seen more than once to carry the injured.?

Abu Osman, prior to his suicide car bombing, is describes as having consoled his brothers who were upset with his leaving, calming them as if ?he was going on a picnic, and not to death.?

A translation of the message is provided to our Intel Service members.

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