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An Audio Message from Usama bin Laden Calling for the Mujahideen to Prepare for Battle in Sudan – 4/23/2006
By SITE Institute
April 24, 2006

(Credit: Al-Jazeera)

A new audio message purportedly by Usama bin Laden, Emir of al-Qaeda, was aired yesterday, April 23, 2006, by the Arabic satellite channel, al-Jazeera. Only portions of the tape were aired, 5:45 minutes total in length, with missing parts elaborated upon by the al-Jazeera commentator. The voice seems to be that of bin Laden, and considering his mentioning of the Israeli raid on Jericho prison, the speech was possibly recorded after mid-March 2006. In the speech, Usama bin Laden touches upon the rejection of Hamas by the ?Crusader/Zionist? entity, and states that this is tantamount to ?war against Muslims,? which all people and governments are beholden. He adds that al-Qaeda?s position remains that which Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri argued in his last speech, that it is forbidden for Hamas to participate in the ?polytheism process?.

Bin Laden calls for the mujahideen to become familiar with the terrain of Sudan, Darfur in particular, and prepare for a ?long-term war? against the ?Crusader thieves? present in this region. He chastises both Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir and U.S. President George W. Bush for creating an agreement through the United Nations to separate Sudan?s south from the state, stating: ?this agreement is not worth the cost of the ink with witch it was written?. In addition, the speech notes the weather conditions of Darfur, and claims that rain and the closing of roads have postponed the ?occupation? for six months.

Further, bin laden mentions again his proposed truce to the West, but is aware of its rejection and the insistent by American to carry on its alleged campaign against the Muslim people. He condemns the purported hypocrisy of ?Crusader? destroying houses over the heads of Muslims in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, and Pakistan, while at the same time saying: "We are not against Islam but against the terrorists, and call for peaceful coexistence and dialogue instead of the clash of civilizations". The speech also includes a litany of crimes aggressed upon Muslims in Chechnya and Somalia, questioning what is meant by the ?civilized world?.

In the portions of the speech unaired by al-Jazeera, the commentator states that bin Laden urges for the Denmark to give up those responsible for the caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad to al-Qaeda for trial, comparing to the request of America from the Taliban to give him up. He urges for the continued boycott of Denmark, and its spreading it to America and Europe. He also speaks of King Abdullah Aziz of Saudi Arabia as the leader of leaders in the area, and touches upon the liberal Islamic thinkers who exhibit Western thought. Bin Laden warns the people about changing the education programs that will have an affect on the coming generations.

A translation of the aired portions of the speech is provided to our Intel Service members.

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