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An as-Sahab Video Presentation of Abu Nasser al-Qahtani, a Saudi al-Qaeda Member in Afghanistan
By SITE Institute
April 24, 2006

As-Sahab, an al-Qaeda production company, recently issued a 37:41 minute video presentation of Abu Nasser al-Qahtani, a Saudi al-Qaeda member who escaped from Bagram prison in Afghanistan and executed attacks against American forces. The video is of an interrogatory format, on-screen questions interspersed throughout Abu Nasser?s narrative. He discusses his escape from prison and his anger at being asked to ?lay low,? while crimes were being committed against Muslims in prisons all over the world, including Guantanamo, in Pakistan, Jordan, Egypt, and Yemen, and Muslims were being disgraced elsewhere. Seated in front of a world map in the beginning of his interview, up until the point where he explains that he is in Khost in Afghanistan, he states that he was organizing an operation with the Taliban and giving praise to Allah for ?letting them meet their brothers in al-Qaeda so that they can work together to beat the American invaders,? Abu Nasser is seated in a room in front of a world map.

The majority of the video is of an operation targeting American forces in Khost, footage showing not only the attack, but Abu Nasser recording himself and explaining details of what is happening. He states: ?So we decided to stake the place out again because this reconnaissance was lacking, and beside the American center there was a mountain about 150m meters, so I went, and they sent with me some Taliban fighters.? As the mujahideen are moving around, Abu Nasser notices food wrappers on the ground causing him to speak of his incarceration in Bagram, and voicing his condemnations of the Saudi government. Also, he notices an American soldier doing ?athletics,? and he laments not being able to kill them so that he can wait for a larger operation that would kill more people.

Part of the operation was transferring weaponry from the ?jihadi headquarters? to the staging area near the American outpost. Abu Nasser explains that after he went through the checkpoints, they encountered Afghanis who were very supportive of the mujahideen and offered them food. The video then turns to the attack on the American outpost, Abu Nasser expressing his thoughts while shooting at American soldiers. At the operation?s end, he states: ?The nice thing about this operation is that it came on the eve of the elections, so the Afghans felt very happy, chanting in praise of Alqaeda and the Taliban against the Americans, and it was a bad day for this traitorous government that had tried to work with its American masters.?

The video concludes with messages to the mujahideen, Mullah Omar, and Usama bin Laden. Abu Nasser al-Qahtani tells the mujahideen to put in their heads a ?program to destroy America in Afghanistan and Iraq very soon,? and then head to Saudi Arabia. To the Taliban and al-Qaeda leaders, Abu Nasser pledges his loyalty and willingness to follow wherever their words may direct him.

The video clip, a summary of the video and a translation of selected portions are provided to our Intel Service members.

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