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“Blood that Will not Have Flown in Vain” – A Video Presentation of the Martyrs of Saudi Arabia, Issued by al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia
By SITE Institute
April 28, 2006

The al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia production, ?Blood that Will not Have Flown in Vain,? part two in the ?Special Series on the Martyrs of the Peninsula,? 68-minutes in length, was recently distributed across jihadist forums days after an advertisement for its release. Featured in the video is Mujahid Sheikh Sultan bin Bajad al-Oteibi AKA Abu Abdul Rahman al-Athari AKA Abu Bara, one of Saudi Arabia?s 26-most wanted who involved was purportedly killed on December 29, 2004. The video depicts al-Oteibi as he tells of his personal experience with Saudi authorities and royals, ?evil scholars,? and his testament, which addresses seven groups of people: the Muslim Nation, cowards among the Ummah, scholars, ?reasonable men among the proselytizers of co-existence,? media people, America, and sons of the Ummah.

To the Muslim Nation, the Ummah, Sheikh Sultan al-Oteibi urges them to beware of the alleged traitorous intentions of the Saudi royal family and consider them an enemy, especially for their opening the land to American soldiers and allowing a base from which strikes were launched in Afghanistan. He also elaborates upon targets of the mujahideen, stating: ?As to our targets, and our path in battle: these pertain to the Jews and Christians. We will target their interests everywhere. We advise all Muslims and all wise infidels who are guarding these interests or who are working in them, to leave them and not even to come close to them. The Mujahideen might attack them at any moment?.

He also touches upon the permissibility of suicide operations in Islam, America?s alleged war on Islam currently taking place in Afghanistan and Iraq, in addition to urging Muslims to jihad for the Sake of Allah.

The video, summary and a translation of selected excerpts are provided to our Intel Service members

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