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Al-Qaeda Publishes Fifth Issue of Magazine
By SITE Institute
Published in: Sawt Al-Jihad [Voice of Jihad]
November 26, 2003

The fifth issue of the al-Qaeda online biweekly ?Voice of Jihad? [Sawt Al-Jihad] has been released. As in the usual method of disseminating each issue, the link to the magazine was posted on Al-Qaeda affiliated websites and message boards. The magazine is available for downloading in Microsoft Word.

The magazine, which is dedicated to ?matters concerning the Mujahideen in the Arabian Peninsula?, is consistent in its objectives. As in all the previous issues, this issue deals only with matters concerning the Mujahideen in the Arabian Peninsula and has no mention of the latest attacks in Turkey.

In an ?Announcement Regarding the Latest Revisions,? referring to the latest apologetic statements made by Al-Qaeda affiliated Sheikhs on Saudi television, the writers promise more attacks in Saudi Arabia. They explain that the Saudi government is wrong to believe that by these forced, repentant statements will cause the Jihad, which is rooted in the holy texts, to stop. The announcement is signed by ?The Al-Qaeda Organization in the Arabian Peninsula.?

Under the regular section, ?Heroes under the Banner of the Prophet,? the magazine brings an exclusive interview with a Mujahid who participated in the ?Al-Khalediya Neighborhood Battle,? a clash between the Mujahideen and the Saudi Security forces that took place last June in Makkah, which claimed the lives of 5 security men. In the third issue, under the same section, the magazine brought a firsthand recollection of a Mujahid who participated in a similar clash with the Saudi authorities which took place in the Suweedy neighborhood of Riyadh in August.

The magazine contains the same regular features as in previous issues, consisting of various sections of religious justification for violent Jihad, as well as sections glorifying Jihad. The magazine promises that its next issue will include an interview with Lewis Atiya-Allah, a Islamist radical publicist.

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