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Jihadist Forum Provides Biography of a Martyr in Iraq, Abu Ahmad al-Ansari
By SITE Institute
May 2, 2006

In the series of ?martyr? biographies distributed amongst jihadist forums, akin in detail and structure to those distributed by al-Qaeda in Iraq, and now the Mujahideen Shura Council, the story of Abu Ahmad al-Ansari, a sniper, is told. Abu Ahmad is described a jovial man, fifty-years of age with two wives and eight children, and is said to have been a trainer and fighter in jihad before joining al-Qaeda in Iraq, in a cell in al-Qaim, western Iraq. Both of his wives were also involved in jihad, preparing food and medical service for the mujahideen.

The biography recounts Abu Ahmad as a superb sniper, showering bullets until the American soldiers ?lost their minds,? and was adept in the use of camouflage for movement and confusing the enemy. In the battles of al-Qaim, his house was bombed and his car burned, but ?he was patient and thankful to Allah?. He was involved in a reconnaissance mission in the city of Haseiba, accompanying a suicide car bomber as a guide to target the ?converters?. As the forces confronted the pair, Abu Ahmad was told to flee the car, but the explosion of the vehicle and its shrapnel pierced his chest, killing him instantly. The author writes: ?Abu Ahmad went and took with him ten crusader?s heads by himself. Allah rewarded him to snipe one of them with one shot. Abu Ahmad - you can go to the Paradise and may Allah take care of your family and sons after you.?

A translation of the biography is provided to our Intel Service members.

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