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How Can You Become a Member of al-Qaeda?
By SITE Institute
January 27, 2005

A message recently in circulation on Jihadist message boards asks ?How can you become a member of al-Qaeda?? In answering the question the message explains that al-Qaeda by its very existence is an open invitation for Muslims to join the jihad:

?Today, al-Qaeda is no longer simply an organization that works on fighting the Jews and the Crusaders only, it has become an ?invitation - Da?wa? that calls upon all Muslims to rise for the support of All‚h?s religion.... If you answer this call, you will be considered to belong to al-Qaeda whether you like it or not; and if you are a true believer, you have no other choice but to answer the call within the extent of the ability that All‚h has given to you. The minimum level of answering the call is to talk yourself into the Jihad and the conquest.?

The message further explains that all who hear al-Qaeda?s call have a duty to respond, even if that response is only at the level of moral support, vague cooperation and spreading al-Qaeda?s message:

?We are going to introduce the identity of the organization, its ideology, and goals, to those who are not familiar with them. Those who are, have no excuse to keep out of it. The least you can do is love the Mujahideen, defend them, spread their message and cooperate with them as much as you can.?

However, the message also gives four broadly worded conditions for becoming an al-Qaeda member:

?Firstly: Know the identity of the Tanzeem, its ideology, and goals.
Secondly: Know what the conditions [reasons] are, rely on All‚h, and be confident of victory.
Thirdly: Steadfastness, patience, and adherence to the Book and the Sunnah in every matter.
Fourthly: Be truthful and All‚h will be truthful with you.?

The message also warns that jihad will not be easy:

?If you are seeking the Jihad, you must know that it is not a promenade or a vacation trip. It involves losing money, relatives, and abandoning friends, companions, and home. This requires patience [for] hardships, and adherence to the principles.?

A full translation of the message is provided to members of our Intel Service.

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