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An Interview by Tora Bora Magazine with Abu Yehia al-Libi
By SITE Institute
May 9, 2006

An interview conducted by Tora Bora Magazine dated November 2005 with Abu Yehia al-Libi, who escaped from the U.S. prison in Bagram, Afghanistan, the main prison for Taliban and al-Qaeda suspects in Afghanistan, in July 2005 with three other detainees, was recently distributed to jihadist forums. The interrogatory primarily concerns the treatment of prisoners in ?Crusader? jails, in this case Bagram, and other prisons of which Abu Yehia purports to have knowledge. In addition, questions are asked regarding the capture and flight of his companions, Abu Ma?az AKA Abu Abdullah al-Shami, Omar al-Farouq al-Iraqi and Abu Nasser al-Qahtani , that Abu Yehia discusses and offers his commentary.

Prison conditions, implementations of torture and specific examples of alleged abuse are elaborated upon by Abu Yehia al-Libi, as he declares that the American forces have not demonstrated respect for human rights, nor animal rights. Much of the information provided by Abu Yehia in his answers to the interviewer corroborates with statements made by Omar al-Farouq al-Iraqi in his interview with as-Sahab, issued in March 2006, concerning the ?Prison of Darkness? and the use of music as means of torture. He also describes the treatment of a female prisoner at Bagram, noting that it is a very sensitive subject for Muslims, and states that her abuse is but a microcosm of the larger picture.

Questioned about his opinion of the position of the mujahideen in Afghanistan, Abu Yehia states that there is ?notable development? in their operations, noting that they are no longer limited ot the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, but hit the depth of Afghanistan and the ?critical center? of the Americans and ?converters?. He then explains that he has been in Afghanistan for sixteen years, and was a prisoner at Bagram for three years. To those Muslims who remain incarcerated in ?Crusader? prisons, Abu Yehia al-Libi advises patience for the mujahideen will not leave them and will do ?whatever they can? to this end.

A translation of the interview is provided to our Intel Service members.

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