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A Guide for Preparing for the Road to Jihad by the Global Islamic Media Front
By SITE Institute
May 11, 2006

A guide recently posted to a password-protected jihadist forum, and published by the Global Islamic Media Front, provides information to prospective mujahideen for jihad and is titled: ?To Those Who Want to Go to Jihad and Cannot Find the Way?. The piece does not contain any advice for travel to areas of jihad, such as Iraq or Afghanistan, or steps towards mental or physical preparation; rather, it presents an ethereal process by which faith in Allah and determination in mission will equip the mujahid. The ?trip? to jihad it described as ?risky, dangerous? and its ?fuel is blood, skulls and body parts, prisons, oppression and hunger?. Those not discouraged from these conditions may be ?granted? martyrdom by Allah, and the reward of ?Paradise and seventy pretty girls?.

Stages of the path to jihad include strengthening faith, willingness to sacrifice all that one possess, tangible and intangible, and seeking cells. The guide advocates the creation of a cell if one cannot be found, as ?[t]he individual has no effect?. Also, one must be prepared to be a ?knight in the daytime and a monk at night,? delineating time for Qur?an recitation and prayer. During the jihad, ultimately, the mujahid should coordinate attacks with different cells and make sure for himself to be at the front lines, for the chance of achieving victory or martyrdom.

A translation of the guide is provided to our Intel Service members.

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