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A Statement from al-Qaeda in Afghanistan about the Last Group of Martyrs
By SITE Institute
May 10, 2006

A statement recently issued by al-Qaeda in Afghanistan concerns the latest group of martyrs from the organization, and the ill-effects they have had on the American soldiers, purportedly forcing them flee and be replaced by other Western troops, including Canadians, British and Dutch. The message seems to be less of an information piece, then it serves as a propaganda tool, stating that the coming summer will be hell for the ?Crusaders? and warning: ?The brothers who were martyred left behind another generation that was trained by them and they are eager for revenge and hurting their enemies?. Multiple suicide bombings, remote detonations of improvised explosive devices and confrontations have allegedly decreased the morale of American forces, placing the U.S. administration in a ?state of terror? and causing nightmares which haunt soldiers and their families.

The group also discusses pressure being applied to the ?traitor President of Pakistan,? Pervez Musharraf, to crush the mujahideen and extinguish jihad, noting that such has increased since their operation involving the attack on the American consulate in Karachi one day before the arrival of U.S. President George W. Bush. Words glorifying the austerity and sacrifice of the mujahideen, who travel the ?road of blood and body parts,? conclude the message; al-Qaeda in Afghanistan arguing that there exists a dichotomy between mujahideen and Western soldiers in what they hold dear and precious, and in their dead: ?What a difference between the killed ones; our killed are in Paradise and their killed are in hell.?

A translation of the statement is provided to our Intel Service members.

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