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Nuclear Thoughts by Sheikh Hamed Abdullah al-Ali
By SITE Institute
May 10, 2006

In a document titled: ?Nuclear Thoughts,? written by Kuwaiti Sheikh Hamed al-Ali, and distributed today, May 10, 2006, to several jihadist forums, contains musings about the subjugation of the Muslim Nation to Western governments and their agent corrupt political regimes in Arab states. Muslim development is purportedly stymied by the West, the sheikh argues, questioning why their situation should remain abject and be denied the ability to construct a nuclear reactor because of fears of Muslims having ?control over the world? and freedom. He describes his thoughts figuratively of Muslims strapped to a chair and being held down by the aggressor. Ultimately, he writes, a major shakeup will be required to strengthen Muslims, galvanizing the people to rise: ?I told my thoughts, you are right, and the solution lies in a nuclear blowup, to wake the people up from their sleep. This will make a great shock, and the corrupt rulers will be the first to be stricken by it. And the weak will perish. And if they fall, the nation will stand up and break its chains.?

Sheikh Hamed bin Abdullah al-Ali was acquitted by a Kuwait judge Tuesday, December 27, 2005 of suspicion of forming a fundamentalist group in Kuwait that plotted to execute terrorist attacks in the country and for alleged complicity in four shoot-outs between Islamic militants and Kuwait security in January of this year. Sheikh al-Ali is a former secretary general of the Salafi Movement who received a two-year suspended sentence for publicly opposing Kuwait?s support for the US-led war on Iraq in 2003.

A translation of the message is provided to our Intel Service members.

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