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And Those Who Annoy Allah’s Messenger Will Have a Painful Torment – A Speech from Abu Yehia al-Libi from as-Sahab Productions
By SITE Institute
May 12, 2006

As-Sahab, an al-Qaeda production company, yesterday, May 11, 2006, issued a 34:28 minute video featuring a speech, dated February 2006, from Abu Yehia al-Libi, having a title from a Qur?an verse, ?And Those Who Annoy Allah?s Messenger Will Have a Painful Torment?. The focal point of the message is around the caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad appearing in Danish and Norwegian publications, and the inaction of Muslims regarding the ?mockery?. Abu Yehia appears in the video seated at a table with objects to his right, and metal bookshelves holding volumes of texts to his back. His barbs do not as much target the publishers and artists involved in cartoons, or the French government which he references banning hijab, as they do Islamic scholars and Muslims who ?ran after the so-called democracy,? folding the page of jihad and allowing ?polytheism and disbelieving? to dominate.

Abu Yehia urges Muslims to wage ?continuous war? upon the aggressor West, invoking imagery of desecrated Qur?ans, destroyed mosques used for launching operations against the mujahideen, and dishonoring of women. He states: ?Stop talking and increase your actions. Stop denouncing and carry on with the cutting swords. We do not want any apology from the infidels, we instead need to humiliate them and defeat them until their noses are rubbed in dirt.? A historical citation to the murder of Ka?ab bin al-Ashraf, who insulted in the Prophet in his poetry, by a Muslim ?knight? is made to apply to the current time, Abu Yehia advocating that all Muslims should follow this example in ?supporting your Prophet and defend him with killing and fighting?.

Leaders and governments condoning the aggression against Muslims and using the ?freedom of expression? argument are condemned by Abu Yehia al-Libi, and in particular, he states: ?we say to the small countries of Denmark and Norway, as well as the third one, France, the enemy of the veil: We would like to see them all ruined?. Further, addressing Arab rulers, he concludes: ?Let the Islamic Nation know that what they did is the beginning of their failure and a sign of the end of their power. They will not survive or escape the ditch they are in.?

Abu Yehia al-Libi escaped from the U.S. prison in Bagram, Afghanistan, the main prison for Taliban and al-Qaeda suspects in Afghanistan, in July 2005, with three other detainees.

The video and a translation of selected excerpts are provided to our Intel Service members.

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