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An Advice to the Jihadi Supporters in the Forums by Abu Mariya al-Qarshi
By SITE Institute
May 12, 2006

An advice to members of the jihadist Internet community regarding their behavior on forums and role in information jihad, written by Abu Mariya al-Qarshi, was recently distributed amongst several jihadist message boards. Abu Mariya, in the past, has authored documents addressing prospective mujahideen, and providing information about how they may prepare for jihad, and explicated the viewpoint of Islamic Shari?a about the United Nations. In this piece, he presents nine points that forum members should read and abide, carrying a big responsibility as the ?connecting link between the mujahideen and rest of the Nation?.

Patience, humbleness, belief in the ?true thing? and engaging in informed debate are advocated by Abu Mariya, as well as not being complacent with their placement in the emdia war. He states: ?Maybe the statement of Rumsfeld was liked by too many brothers, so they relaxed on their couches and stretched their legs as if we have already won the media war and what is left is only that the mujahideen should win their battles and have a good life. Allah?s worshippers, wake up. Allah?s worshippers, stand up. It is the time for running, not walking slowly. The battle is not over yet, and our enemy can revive itself fast after a calamity.?

Further, noting the presence of the mujahideen in the forums, Abu Mariya urges the board members to refrain from being a ?burden? upon them, asking: ?Allah?s worshippers, where is the feeling of responsibility? Where is your care about the Beloved? Isn?t it our duty to make it easy for the mujahideen? We should not be a heavy burden upon them!?

A translation of the message is provided to our Intel Service members.

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