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An Open Letter from the Indonesian Branch of Hizb al-Tahrir to the al-Quds Conference in Tehran Calling for the Destruction of Israel and Those Who Support It
By SITE Institute
May 16, 2006

The Indonesian branch of the Islamic fundamentalist group, Hizb al-Tahrir, addressed an open letter on their website in mid-April 2006 to the al-Quds Conference held in Tehran during that time, which urges for the destruction of Israel so that the Palestinian state may be ?restored? in its place. Palestine is extolled as the most sacred of Muslim lands, and Hizb al-Tahrir emphasizes that it must not be sullied by politics of moderate Muslim regimes the West wishes on install to protect Israel. The group states: ?Every Muslim whatever his race and the color of his skin, cannot surrender an inch of that land, because that land is not his right to own, which can be sold to the infidel as he likes. Thus, acknowledging that an inch of the land of Palestine is for the Jewish nation is really the same as proclaiming war on Allah, His messenger and the Believers.?

The letter continues with a series of eleven forms of acknowledgment of Israel, including discussions, treaties, ?making the refugee issue a humanitarian issue,? and pursuing men who call for the elimination of Israel. In addition, the group questions if it is possible to remove Israel, which they answer that the ?possibility is certain,? and it offers the only solution. Regardless of which Muslim generation achieves this desire, the group believes: ?at a minimum Palestine will be given to the following generation, not to be sold to the Jews, withdrawn or an inch of its territory abandoned. This Umma has never lacked leaders. On the contrary it will always have goodness in it until the Day of Judgment.?

Further, Hizb al-Tahrir Indonesia also sent that letter to Iranian embassies throughout the world, including Jakarta. On that occasion, they also sent the letter to the mass media so that the content of view of Hizb al-Tahrir on the Palestine issue can be known by the public.

A translation of the letter is provided to our Intel Service members.

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