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A Message to the Youth of North Africa Glorifying Jihad and Martyrdom
By SITE Institute
May 19, 2006

A message addressing North African youth and extolling the virtues of jihad and martyrdom for the ?Sake of Allah? was distributed to a password-protected al-Qaeda-affiliated forum, on May 16, 2006. The author of the piece reminds that the ?Crusaders? and infidel countries acting as agents for the West have decided to enter Sudan under a purported guise of restoring peace and security amongst the citizens of Darfur, when in fact, he believes: ?many Muslims were killed by the hands of the Americans and the British accomplices under the name of the United Nations, and in fact it is nothing but a striking hand, in the hands of the Christians and the Jews. They use it in any country they want to colonize, take its wealth and kill its people.?

For the duration of the message, the author argues for the necessity of jihad against the enemy allegedly seeking to occupy Sudan, citing Qur?anic verses and the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad which support fighting for Islam and martyrdom. He emphasizes the rewards that are bestowed upon the martyr and the reverence paid to them by Muslims, and chastises the youth for their past absence in jihad. The author states: ?Muslim brother, you failed to join the procession for reason that will make you to stand in front of Allah, and might be a curse upon you. You had missed the Afghanistan front, the Chechen front, Palestine, and the Land of Two Rivers, and here the Sudanese front is wide open and Paradise is calling.?

The message concludes with a final message entreating youth to jihad: ?So dear monotheist brother, know that the nation that masters the killing industry, and knows how to die in an honorable way, Allah gives it the good life, and the eternal life in the afterworld. The only weakness is the love of this existing life, and the disinclination of death. So prepare yourselves for a great act, and grave after death, you will be bestowed life.?

A translation of the message is provided to our Intel Service members.

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