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“Why I Love Usama bin Laden” – By Lewis Attiya Allah
By SITE Institute
May 22, 2006

Lewis Attiya Allah, a known al-Qaeda ideologist, recently distributed to a password-protected al-Qaeda-affiliated forum a document titled: ?Why I Love Usama?. In this piece written as an ode, Lewis Attiya extols what he believes to be the greatness of Usama bin Laden, Emir al-Qaeda, as both a man and personality, surpassing revered historic Islamic figures and leaders. He calls upon personal experiences, citing in one section his watching the American Hollywood movie, ?Independence Day,? and his disgust at America depicted as leading a worldwide revolt and upset that he could not find the resulting jubilation with victory in current Islam, and in another section, meeting Usama bin Laden in Saudi Arabia and questioning how he could send young men to jihad in Afghanistan.

Until September 11, 2001, Lewis Attiya writes that he in particular and Muslims in general were suffering from a malaise arising from their humiliation, hopelessness and subjugation to enemies of Islam. From the point nineteen ?employees? of al-Qaeda struck America in airplanes, Usama bin Laden galvanized Muslims around a common cause, and according to Lewis Attiya, gave them a source of pride. He vividly writes of his experience hearing of the attacks on New York and Washington, stating: ?I was in hysterical shock of feelings mixed with joy and screaming and all these kinds of insane things which a person feels when he is very happy. I screamed with all my voice while I was in the car. I said ?Allah is Great! Allah is Great!,? and if I weren?t on an expressway I would go to the street jumping as the fans do when their soccer team scores a goal?

The document then presents bin Laden as granting independence to the Islamic nation from the ?Crusaders? occupation,? invoking a dormant widespread spirit. He writes: ?In general, we like Usama bin Laden because we believe that he made a way for us. He proved through it that we can really apply Islam radically. And he proved also that there is nothing impossible.?

A translation of the message is provided to our Intel Service members.

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