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The Resistance Strategy Facing the Controlling Strategy - Mujahideen Army
By SITE Institute
May 22, 2006

A statement dated May 18, 2006, from the Mujahideen Army [Jeish al-Mujahideen] in Iraq describes the ?Resistance Strategy Facing the Controlling Strategy,? which concerns a plan to effect Muslim victory over the aims of the ?big Crusader/Zionist colonial project?. The group begins by recommending that people must be allocated to the fields to which they are specialized, and preachers are to impress upon Muslims the ?high standards? of Islam and solve any doctrinal problems that may arise. These, and a ?complete resistance? involving a comprehensive, international movement with Iraq as the locus and patience, are means to stop the encroachment of the enemy in Islamic community structure culturally, socially, and economically.

The Mujahideen Army advocates continued attacks upon economic targets, harming America?s ability to import oil, and affecting the state culturally, by exploiting their ?big international mistakes? and uncovering additional instances of prisoner abuse. They state that these changes will only be wrought by the faithful Muslims: ?Really it?s a good chance to realize the hope which hangs on the horizon - it is true and not dreams - that the end of the American offense will be by the hands of the believers, as the Soviet offense was ended.? To this end the group entreats Muslims to place greater trust in Allah and His ability to weaken the enemy forces, as it allegedly happened in Afghanistan and Chechnya, and to look upon the mujahideen favorably, reversing the damaged caused by the ?Crusaders?.

In summation of the strategy?s goal, the statement indicates: ?The chance is ready now for the Muslims to form a new global order starting from the Iraqi land which Crusaders want to start their project to change the Muslims and the world to be herds of slaves in the global crusaders Zionists empire within the American empire project.?

A translation of the statement is provided to our Intel Service members.

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