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First Statement by Martyr Abdul Aziz al-Muqrin Brigades Calls for the Jihad in Kuwait
By SITE Institute
February 1, 2005

A statement posted to a popular Islamist message board on February 1, 2005, purportedly by the Martyer Abdul Aziz al-Muqrin Brigades, conveys Jihadist messages to several sectors of Kuwaiti society, including the Kuwaiti government, the Kuwaiti people, Muslim scholars, Kuwaiti Security Forces, and Kuwaiti State Security (Intelligence).

To the Kuwaiti government the group states: ?You must know that the Jihad for the sake of All‚h is our only persistence, and that we will not stop until Resurrection Day.? The group?s demands to the government include ?[t]o drive the Polytheists [Infidels] out of Kuwait, and that includes American and other soldiers that are occupying it because of you,? and also ?ruling by the basis of Islam, applying the Shariah [Law] of the Merciful One.?

The group asks the Kuwaiti people to ?help them in every way,? and to ?keep away from places that are subject to destruction; those places are where the infidel soldiers gather.? The group also asks Muslim scholars to support the Mujahideen. Finally, the group addresses recrimination and threats to the Kuwaiti Security Forces and State Security (Intelligence).

The message ends with a more general threat of some immediacy: ?the Sabbah family and their American masters will not enjoy safety as long as we live. We are going to destroy their strongholds; it is only a matter of a few days, for us to get prepared, put the ranks together, and rely on All‚h.?

A translation of the statement is provided to our Intel Service Members.

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