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Muslim Women and Their Role in Jihad and Muslim Society
By SITE Institute
May 24, 2006

A series of message regarding the Muslim woman and her role in supporting Islam and the mujahideen were recently posted to jihadist forums. One document, titled: ?What Do the Mujahideen Want from a Muslim Woman?,? written by Abu Omar Abdul Bar, charges that the war launched by the West against Islam is not limited to direct military action, but it also seeks to affect change in economic, social and character levels. In this regard, Abu Omar believes that the enemy is trying to alienate Muslim women within their community and to ?spoil them? and provoke them against Muslim society. As opposed to the Western desire to make a ?cheap commodity? of a woman, the message advocates the role of a woman as a mujahid, citing various examples of female mujahideen in Muslim history.

Abu Omar writes that a Muslim woman should support the mujahideen, feed her sons ?gunpowder with milk? and raise them in the spirit of jihad. He also states: ?we want from her to be a factory of heroes and her house to be a lion?s den?. Similarly, another message views the role of women in Islam and entry to Paradise in the context of the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad. The author provides eleven examples of Muslim women practicing austerity, praying in accordance with Islamic law, and maintaining fealty towards their husbands.

A translation of both messages is provided to our Intel Service members.

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