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Video Will of Ayman Noor Salah, a Member of Asbat al-Ansar who Died in Iraq under al-Qaeda in Iraq
By SITE Institute
May 24, 2006

A 5:34 minute video featuring the dictated will of Ayman Noor Salah AKA Abu Hafs, a member of Asbat al-Ansar from Ayn al-Hilwah camp in southern Lebanon, was issued yesterday, May 23, 2006, two days following the announcement of his ?martyrdom?. Salah, who died in Iraq under the leadership of al-Qaeda in Iraq, dedicated his will to the jihadist community in al-Sham.

In his message, the martyr addresses his parents, brothers, sisters, and fiancée, apologizing for any grief he has caused them but assuring that he is in Paradise and has defended Islam. He castigates two of his siblings for straying from the religion, questioning: ?Did the amusements of the world drive you away? Aren?t you a worshipper of Allah?... Wake up and go back to Allah and abandon the devil.? To the mujahideen in the lands of al-Sham, Ayman Noor Salah states that they should continue in their jihad as he anticipates their soon arrival in Paradise.

Asbat al-Ansar-the League of the Followers or Partisans? League-is a Sunni extremist group, composed primarily of Palestinians and associated with Usama Bin Ladin?s al-Qaida organization, and primarily operates out of Ayn al-Hilwah Palestinian refugee camp near Sidon in southern Lebanon.

The video and a traslation of the will are provided to our Intel Service members.

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