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New Al-Qaeda Tape Released
By SITE Institute
Published in: SITE Institute
December 3, 2003

As promised in an announcement issued by al-Qaeda?s ?al-Sahab? production company, which was posted on the al-Qaeda affiliated ?Leewa? website last week, a new tape which includes unseen shots of Osama bin Laden was recently released.

The announcement of the video was accompanied with a report, entitled ?A Special Report on the Confrontations Martyrs.? Although the report describes the entire video in detail, only the first two minutes are actually available online. The new video, entitled ?The Martyrs of the Confrontations,? focuses on the Arabian Peninsula martyrs, beginning with the ?first attack against the Christian occupation of our peninsula? eight years ago. The SITE Institute is offering the video for download by clicking here.

The report, which is written as a newspaper story, explains that this tape ?is considered as the first of its kind, it includes the stories of several of these heroic martyrs, and something of their life. It is also inlaid with several old and new shots which were taken during training or military operations in several Jihad lands such as Afghanistan and Chechnya, in addition to the Arabian Peninsula, and supported with Qur'anic versus and fervent hymns.?

The report adds that ?the tape is privileged to include footages of the Mujahid Sheikh Osama bin Laden chosen carefully from previous meetings, speeches and interviews, some of which were never widely shown before.?

The writers detail the various parts of the video, beginning with the introduction, the only part which is available online presently. The report states, ?In the beginning of the tape, the introduction comes. It stands out in its diverse directing [using] both the traditional methods as well as 3-D…with comments by Sheikh Adbullah Azzam, and later on, by Sheikh Osama bin Laden regarding the trueness of the victory and the virtue of following the fundamentals.?

The report continues to describe the rest of the tape, revealing information about the parts that are not yet available online. According to the writers, the video includes a section about Yusuf al-Ayiri, a prominent Jihadi leader and al-Qaeda webmaster who was killed by Saudi authorities after the bombings in Riyadh last May. In addition to Al-Ayiri?s will, the tape includes the story of Abdul-Illah al-Atibi, who was killed recently by Saudi authorities, and expresses how Al-Atibi was influenced by the ?September events.?

The writers add that Al-Atibi was killed only two weeks before the tape was released and praise the high level of the video?s production which was able to produce the video in such a short period of time, despite the attempts of the ?infidels? to restrict the mujahideen?s activities.

The video is available for download by clicking on the Source link below.


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