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“From Allah’s Miracles in the Struggle with Islam” – A Message from Sheikh Hamed al-Ali
By SITE Institute
June 5, 2006

A message from Kuwaiti Sheikh Hamed al-Ali titled: ?From Allah?s Miracles in the Struggle with Islam,? was recently distributed amongst jihadist forums and lists ten such ?miracles? granted to the mujahideen and Muslims by Allah against American and coalition actions. He writes that despite encroachment into Muslim lands seeking to extinguish the spirit of jihad, technological and political prowess of the United States, ?false sheikhs? preaching against jihad and the mujahideen, and aggression upon the general Muslim populous, the Muslims and mujahideen remain strong and are even accumulating power. The sheikh states: ?Allah performs miracles in the struggle between Islam and its enemies that are great signs which no one can see, but those with instinct who are guided by the revelations of Allah and their hearts are filled with the light of truth?.

Hamed al-Ali extols the abilities of American armies, technology, and financial resources, noting the ability to control information, locate individuals, dismantle opposing regimes, and launch campaigns to allegedly emasculate Muslim men. The expectations included the decrease in volume of calls to jihad, Westernized Muslims, defeat of the Taliban, and the fall of Iraq and Afghanistan, but the miracle was the ineffectiveness of the American power in these pursuits. In addition, in another ?miracle,? the sheikh writes of the Iranian desire to accumulate weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) and spending great sums of money in a ?deceptive plan? to control Iraq and neighboring countries. But, according to the message: ?Allah prepared for the aggressors to hold control over the other aggressors. So, for this reason, He brought in the Crusader forces… and their blood is spilled in punishment for spilling the blood of the mujahideen in Afghanistan and other Islamic nations for no reason?.

Sheikh Hamed bin Abdullah al-Ali was acquitted by a Kuwait judge Tuesday, December 27, 2005 of suspicion of forming a fundamentalist group in Kuwait that plotted to execute terrorist attacks in the country and for alleged complicity in four shoot-outs between Islamic militants and Kuwait security in January of this year. Sheikh al-Ali is a former secretary general of the Salafi Movement who received a two-year suspended sentence for publicly opposing Kuwait?s support for the US-led war on Iraq in 2003.

A translation of the message is provided to our Intel Service members.

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