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A Video of an Attack on a Non-Believer Center in Khost Issued by As-Sahab
By SITE Institute
June 6, 2006

As-Sahab, an al-Qaeda production organization, recently issued a video featuring Abu Nasser al-Qahtani, an escapee from Bagram prison in Afghanistan in July 2005, leading an attack on a ?non-believers?? center on Khost. The video, dated December 2005, depicts not only the attack, but Qahtani providing visuals from his Sony VAIO laptop of the center?s checkpoints, military posts, and support structures. He states that it is a building constructed by the Americans for the ?non-believer government of Karzai,? and continues with an explanation of the course of attack to be executed by a joint force of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and the Taliban. These particular scenes are projected by computer onto a screen, from where Qahtani points to particular sites with a laser pointer. The video is very similar to another issued by as-Sahab in April 2006 , concerning an attack on American forces in Khost, and featuring Qahtani seated in the same room with a mounted world map, and providing commentary of the attack in which he is involved.

The video continues with footage of the mujahideen preparing the weapons and rockets to be used in the attack, followed by the nighttime confrontation. Amidst the dark scene being lit with explosions, Abu Nasser al-Qahtani looks to the camera with an expression of madness, and addresses Afghan Prime Minister Hamid Karzai stating: ?the brothers from al-Qaeda organization and their brothers from Taliban?s movement, with Allah?s permission will slaughter you, every time we attack you, you run away like women, and that is all with the victory of Allah, with the permission of Allah we will aid our brothers… men who love death, as much as you love life?.

After the order to withdraw, Qahtani announces that the building and two cars were destroyed, and eight Kalashnikovs taken as plunder. An injured man is shown repeating a phrase, ?For the Sake of Allah,? and Qahtani, seated, entreats Muslims to support their jihad and ?put an end of America in this land, and also in Iraq with Allah?s permission?. He states: ?Afghanistan is recalling you, why do you linger from jihad? Support your brothers in Afghanistan, the supplication if you do not provide the men to help your brothers, if you don?t send your money, the supplication, supplicate Allah to grant victory to your brothers in Afghanistan?

The video and translation of the audio are provided to our Intel Service members.

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