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The Sixth Issue of “The Vanguards of Kharasan” – A Periodical from the Afghanistan Mujahideen
By SITE Institute
June 7, 2006

The 90-page sixth issue, April 2006 edition of the ?Vanguards of Kharasan,? a periodic magazine published by the ?Media Committee? of the al-Qaeda mujahideen in Afghanistan and electronically distributed across several jihadist forums, contains several articles addressing the condition of the mujahideen and ?Crusader? forces in both Afghanistan and Iraq. The publication also evaluates speeches from terrorist leaders such as Usama bin Laden, Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, and Mullah Omar, and provides general mujahideen information, including the biography of Sheikh Abu Yihya and proper activities that mujahideen should engage during their jihad.

An editorial opening the magazine explains that its dissemination was delayed for several months due to the intensifications of attacks led by the ?infidel and collaborating forces? to drive the mujahideen away from Pakistan. The author issues thanks to the Pakistani tribes who helped the mujahideen, specifically those in the regions of North and South Waziristan. This is followed by the first article, ?Magnificent Return of the Leader of the Jihadi Process,? written by Hussam Abdul Ruuf, who describes Usama bin Laden?s January 2006 speech as restoring ?pride in the chests of his lovers? and instill ?distress and grief? in his enemies. To this end Ruuf quotes passages from this speech about the purported American intention to not relinquish from war. He also writes positively of Zawahiri?s speech in which he reminds Hamas of their duty to the Islamic Nation, and Mullah Omar?s announcement that this coming summer will be ?hot? for the American and Western forces. Ruuf also mentions U.S. President George W. Bush?s visit to Southeast and Central Asia, allegedly seeking to ?apply full pressure on Afghanistan… to guarantee the calm withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan?.

Of considerable length, an article written by Abdul Majid Abdul Majed titled: ?The Sides of the Conflict: Targets and Results,? evaluates the targets of the ?Crusading enemy,? dangers and obstacles facing jihadist activities, and advice predicated on past experiences. Abdul Majid divides his section into two branches, one dealing with Afghanistan and the other with Iraq, writing of the enemy?s purpose and the hubris they exhibit. He states: ?The Americans are in a difficult predicament. On the one hand, they cannot remain in light of the great losses afflicting them every day. On the other, they cannot exit and leave Iraq?. The article continues to discuss the American strategy and available options, and their alleged intention to occupy Syria and Iran. In addition, Abdul Majid looks at the danger of the ?collaborating governments? and Iran, and disputes amongst the jihad groups, advising that refuge be sought in Allah and the mujahideen must strive to fulfill the duties of jihad. By that, he writes that suicide operations must be expanded, attacks launched within Israel, exploiting the geography and composition of the people in the battlefronts, ?opening further fronts against the Americans,? and proselytizing.

Other pieces within the issue include field reports of mujahideen operations between October 2005 and January 2006, common mistakes exhibited by the mujahideen in jihad, announcement of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan regarding their martyrs, and a biography of Sheikh Aby Yihya the ?Mortar?, a contemporary and close friend of Abdullah Azzam who died of nose cancer, ?as a result of inhaling the vapors and smoke emitted from the mortar shells and the heavy weapons in which he specialized?.

A summary of the magazine and a translation of selected articles are provided to our Intel Service members.

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