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Film from the Jihad Media Battalion to the United States: “They Are Coming”
By SITE Institute
June 12, 2006

The Jihad Media Battalion, a jihadist video compilation and distribution group, recently issued a 12:33 minute video addressed to the United States, titled: ?They Are Coming,? which warns of impending mujahideen operations. Video clips of combat training and attacks in Afghanistan, Iraq, Eritrea, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Kashmir, Chechnya, Somalia, Pakistan and Indonesia populate the propaganda portion of the film, and images of wounded and maimed soldiers are interspersed throughout.

Past footage of a video speech by Abu Hager al-Muqrin, a leader of al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia, and Usama bin Laden encouraging the mujahideen to attack American interests are shown, compiled with images of weeping soldiers and soldiers buried in sand. In addition, the film features a lengthy segment from John Pilger?s 2003 documentary, Breaking the Silence, is displayed, showing part of an interview with William Krystal of the Weekly Standard publication talking about America as a jingoistic nation. The Jihad Media Battalion places a question over the clip: ?Is Bush telling the truth??

The video concludes with a series of messages aimed at the American forces and question their faith in their leaders, and coming to Muslim lands despite being warns. They states: ?you came to your graveyard… we will end your tyranny against the world… so blame no one but your selfs… when they come… to you?.

The video and its summary are provided to our Intel Service members.

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