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Where are the Mujahideen in Jordan, and Libyan Fighters, Where Are You
By SITE Institute
February 8, 2005

Two exchanges posted to a leading al-Qaeda-frequented Jihadist message board on February 7, 2005, call for the Mujahideen to show themselves in Jordanand Libya, respectively.

In the first exchange a poster exclaims about Jordan, ?Where are you dear beloved and brothers? [The Mujahideen]. O Allâh! Lord of the Worlds! Expedite their coming out [the Mujahideen] and their victory.? In response another poster gives a list of ?Mujahideen from Jordan,? apparently intended to show that Jordanians are well represented among the Mujahideen (even though most of the list is martyred or active in Iraqor elsewhere outside Jordan).

In the second exchange a poster repeatedly asks of the ?Libyan fighters? in a poeticized mantra ?Where are you?? and then beseeches them: ?Do not deprive us of seeing you… Do not deprive us of hearing the tone of your voice… Do not deprive us of reading your word [what you have to say].? A second poster answers: ?We are confident that the sons of the Jihad in the beloved land of Libya are preparing themselves for combat, and that we shall see from them what will bring joy to every Muwahid Mujahid [Monotheist Mujahid].?

The SITE Institute has noted a recent increase in Jihadist chatter proposing Jordanand Libyaas targets for the Mujahideen. This trend is reminiscent of the increased focus on Kuwait(including incitement to violence) arising on Jihadist message boards in 2004 - an uptick in chatter which (it turned out) presaged an increase in Mujahideen attacks in Kuwait. (Recall, for example, two messages translated by SITE and distributed to subscribers on November 30, 2004, inciting rebellion in Kuwaitand violently threatening the Kuwaiti government, respectively.)

Translations of the two above described message board exchanges (the first regarding Jordan, the second regarding Libya) are provided to our Intel Service members.

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