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Fourth Generation Warfare Presented by the Global Islamic Media Front
By SITE Institute
July 11, 2006

A document which seeks to debunk the claim that jihad is a wasted venture against America due to the disparity in terms of military capabilities and force in numbers, and discusses the concept of ?Fourth Generation Warfare,? was distributed yesterday, July 10, 2006, amongst jihadist forums by the Global Islamic Media Front. The author expresses his ?astonishment? at the psychological defeat within the Islamic Nation and focuses on an interview conducted by an Islamic scholar on the Internet, who claimed that war is already decided in favor of America; words, which the author believes, exemplify ?ignorance? for Islamic history and Western political and military analysis. Jihad, within the rubric of the fourth generation of warfare, which is understood as spreading warfare to the enemy?s communities to destroy popular support for their forces, is then purportedly effecting desired results.

The author borrows heavily from an article written by William S. Lind, et al, called, ?The Changing Face of War: Into the Fourth Generation,? which explains the evolution in war concept. Waging war against ghost-like entities such as al-Qaeda has allowed the Mujahideen to prove their ?superiority? in this method of warfare, and overcome the enemy?s advanced weaponry and capabilities that are not built to for this combat. Statistics of numbers of Mujahideen to enemy forces in Afghanistan, Somalia and Russia, show the success of a smaller force to dispel the Soviet Union, America and Russia, and according to the author, disprove the aforementioned scholar?s opinion.

He continues to explain that al-Qaeda forced the United States to reevaluate the rules that it sets for international security situations, as it destroyed the cornerstones of America?s strategic defenses on September 11, 2001, which are: early warning, preventative attack, and deterrence. The document outlines how these cornerstones were circumvented and the affect they had on future strategy. A combination of this discussion and that of the fourth generation warfare, are brought upon the Mujahideen for awareness and urge them to focus their propaganda and psychological attacks to achieve victory in this new war.

A translation of the document is provided to our Intel Service members.

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