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Map of Future Al-Qaeda Operations
By SITE Institute
February 14, 2005

A message posted to a leading al-Qaeda-frequented Jihadist message board on February 12, 2005, purports to answer the questions: ?What is the future of al-Qaeda? And what will the upcoming operations be?? In answering these questions the message claims to lay out a future ?map of the operations against America and its interests,? with coverage of the following categories:

A big operation inside America: The message states: ?Regarding the big operation, God willing, it is going to take place inside the American territory; the date of this operation is approaching, for 3 years and 4 months have gone by since the September 11, 2001 blessed attack. That period gave the American people enough chance [time] to reconsider their position and their way of thinking, but they have not done so; therefore, the future attack is going to be strong and unconventional, in order to cause the largest amount of material and human losses.? The message notes further that Usama bin Laden?s pre-US election statement to the American people was a ?warning and an invitation to the American people to change the policy of its Government before pain is inflicted upon them as a result of their silence and their approval of the crimes committed by their Government. This would be the last or penultimate message, after which they will endure the pain that will fall upon them, and they must choose between their lives and the Crusader-Zionist project that will only bring them destruction, poverty, fear and death.?

Operations against American forces and points of interest: The message warns of a ?number of operations against American Forces, and against points of interest of Americans and their allies, Arabs and others.? The message explains that these attacks will be in two broad sectors: (1) ?Depleting the American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan through an escalation in carrying out more painful attacks against it.? (2) ?Targeting the American points of interest in all the countries, mainly oil facilities in the Persian Gulf that represent the main artery of the American economy.? The message notes that attacks on oil facilities will have several adverse consequences for the US, including that they will (a) ?cause harm to the American economy as a result of the rise in the price of oil,? (b) ?cause an embarrassment to America before all the countries in the world, which will be certain of America?s inability to provide oil supply contrary to what it claims,? and (c) ?cause a loss of confidence in the capability of [America?s] slaves in the Arabian Peninsula to protect its interests,? forcing American forces to patrol them itself, thereby coming into direct contact with Muslim citizens which ?will increase the scandalous behavior of those [Muslim] regimes that will comply with all of America?s demands? and ?will facilitate the opening of a new front, and the drowning of America in a new swamp that will be more difficult than the swamps of Iraq and Afghanistan.?

Targeting America?s allies through assassinations: The message warns: ?As for America?s allies, they will be targeted by the assassination of the heads of the regimes, security officers, a number of presidents, and kings; this is in addition to the assassination of security officials such as intelligence officers who will be forming in their country a kind of a mafia….? The further explains that ?future assassinations will serve political and strategic goals that aim at striking the American plan, by targeting individuals that America relies on for the success of this plan. The list of targeted regimes includes the regimes of Al-Saud in the Arabian Peninsula, Mubarak in Egypt, and the Jordanian regime, in addition to collaborators of the Americans in Iraq such as al-Rafida [Shiites] and others.? The further points out: ?Also, with the targeting of intelligence officers, America will lose an important source of information, in addition to the protection provided by those individuals to its points of interest in the region.?

Palestine: Finally, the message turns to ?the captured Palestine, in whose name speaks the Bahai Mahmoud Abbas Mirza, who does not even know Sūrah al-Fatiha [Opening verse of the Qur?an] by heart.? The message warns that the Palestinians ?must make up their minds and choose between Allāh, His Prophet, Islam, and Palestine, and those criminal traitors, be they Palestinians or Arabs.?

A full translation of the message is provided to our Intel Service members.

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