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Al-Qaeda in Iraq Responds to Claims About Its Leader [Zarqawi] Being in Hiding, Takes Credit for Assassination of Brigadier General Jadaan [Malih] Farhan and Two of His Companions, As Well As Assassination of Two Members of Allawi’s al-Wifaq [Accord] Party
By SITE Institute
February 14, 2005

In a statement posted on February 13, 2005, to a leading al-Qaeda-frequented Jihadist message board by Abu Maysara al-Iraqi, spokesperson of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi?s Al-Qaeda in Iraq group [?Tanzeem Qaedat al-Jihad Fi Bilad al-Rafidayn?], the group denies claims by the Crusaders? media ?about our Sheikh Abu Musab al-Zarqawi - may Allâh protect him - being in hiding.? In an insinuation that Zarqawi does not lack for mobility in Iraq, the statement reminds that ?Our Sheikh had said before that he was moving about freely amongst his brothers and sons in the Country of Two Rivers, checking on his people.?

In two other statements posted in the same manner on February 13, 2005, Al-Qaeda in Iraq claims responsibility for the assassination of:

1. Two members of al-Wifaq Party [the Accord Party] headed by Prime Minister Allawi (with the group also promising ?to not rest until our sword tastes the dirty blood of Allawi?);

2. Brigadier General Jadaan [Malih] Farhan, one of the highest ranking leaders of the collaborator pagan National Guard, and commander of al-Taji Camp of the coward Guard, together with 2 of his [Army officer] companions. The assassination was carried out at 8:00 AM by Abu Bakr al-Siddiq Brigade, while the General and his bodyguards were traveling in their car in al-Kazhimiyyah area.

The February 13 statement claiming responsibility for the assassination of General Farhan was followed up today, February 14, 2005, by another statement providing some detail on how the target was reconnoitered and the operation planned and carried out:

The ?Abu Bakr Brigade had been watching and waiting for the idol [Farhan] in al-Taji camp, North of Baghdad - may Allâh set it and the entire country free - and thanks to Allâh detailed information about him was provided from inside the camp. His home was spotted in al-Kathimiyyah area (in al-Hibna neighborhood), an area with a high level of security and fortifications, and limited mobility. For this reason, it was not possible for the brothers to film the operation. And the Mujahideen started watching him…?

…?On execution day, the heroes were ready under the leadership of their commander Abu Abdullah al-Iraqi, pulled out their swords, prepared their spears, and screamed: O horses of Allâh take off!

The idol left his home with 2 of his companions whom Allâh destined to be army officers as well. When they moved in their car, the reconnaissance person gave his signal to the attack unit, which dispersed and covered the location of the attack [execution]. Then a young honorable Alawi Hashimi man from the offspring of Muhammad - prayer and peace upon him… - said Allâh Akbar [God is Greatest], pulled the trigger of the Tawhid and killed them all with his bullets…. Then the brothers withdrew safely….?

?This idol was an officer and a flaming servant of Saddam. He did not repent from his support of the wrong, but went deeper in his aggression against the religion and its people, followed the Crusaders and fought the Mujahideen; but Allâh was waiting for him.?

A full translation of the February 13, 2005 statement (introduced first above) in which Al-Qaeda in Iraq denies that al-Zarqawi is in hiding is provided to our Intel Service members.

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