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Manuals for the Highly Potent Liquid Explosive, Astrolite, Excerpted from the Encyclopedia of Jihad, in Addition to its Hydrazine Component
By SITE Institute
August 10, 2006

The manual for the production of Astrolite, a versatile, high detonation velocity liquid explosive that is referred to as second only to nuclear weapons in terms of power, is a component of the Encyclopedia of Jihad, and was copied as an excerpt some time ago to the military section of a password-protected jihadist forum. Discussion of the material has continued through August 2006. Astrolite was mentioned in an interrogation of Abul Hakim Hasim Murad, a co-conspirator in Operation Bojinka, which was a multi-tiered al-Qaeda plot by Ramzi Yusef and Khalid Shaikh Muhammad in 1995. One phase of the attack was to destroy commercial airliners over Asia by means of a liquid explosive, potentially nitroglycerin or Astrolite. Most recently, today, Thursday, August 10, 2006, British authorities foiled a terrorist plot that was to use liquid explosives on flights between Britain and the United States, bearing similarity to Operation Bojinka.

The manual explains the composition of both Astrolite-G and Astrolite-A, its history as a rocket fuel, and its detonation velocity relative to TNT and nitroglycerin. Also described are its potential uses, specifically a liquid land mine, as well as its dangers due to the toxicity, flammability and corrosive natures of its component compounds. It advertises: ?Due to the high explosive ability it is enough to use 30gm of Astrolite in liquid land mine to kill or cut off a leg. A little Astrolite G causes an explosion to go upwards, and so has the ability to kill people and damage light-armored vehicles?.

Members of the forum question where the ingredients for Astrolite may be procured or produced. One member even provides a handwritten manual for the composition of hydrazine, one of Astrolite?s ingredients.

A translation of the manuals is provided to our Intel Service members.

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