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The Ninth Issue of al-Forsan (The Knights) – A Periodic Electronic Magazine from the Islamic Army in Iraq
By SITE Institute
August 16, 2006

The Islamic Army in Iraq recently distributed the ninth issue of its electronic periodic magazine, ?Al-Forsan,? (The Knights), 44-pages in length and containing a plethora of articles on a range of subjects related to the Iraq insurgency, jihad and the condition of enemy. In three of these articles, an economic analyst in the Islamic Army discusses the budget for the American-led War in Iraq, a Mujahid with prison experience gives advice for those Muslims or insurgents who may be captured and incarcerated, and a report is presented regarding British soldiers suffering mental illness purportedly as a result of the war.

The article concerning the American budget for the War in Iraq, written by Saber Omar, argues that the motivation for the Bush administration to invade Iraq was for oil wealth and ?plundering? the country in a reconstruction effort. War costs rose significantly from initial expectations, and in the author?s opinion, dismayed those who sough to profit from the war, including Vice President Dick Cheney and Halliburton. Charts depicting reconstruction and combat related costs are shown, as well as pie chart taken from another source showing U.S. military spending in 2004 vis-ŕ-vis NATO allies, and Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Syria and Sudan. Omar writes: ?In spite of all of that spending, all indications suggest that the United States will only gain more losses and defeats in Iraq and Afghanistan, and its projects of greed will evaporate and vanish on the rock of opposition, endurance, martyrdom and jihad?.

Another article, from the perspective of a Mujahid who had been jailed, places a positive spin on being arrested. He relates that it may allow a Muslim a period of self-introspection and stronger devotion to Allah and Islam. The third piece, borrowing from the Independent, Daily Telegraph, and British Defense Ministry, cites figures that show sixth British soldiers are driven to severe mental illness every month as the War in Iraq progresses.

A translation of the three articles is provided to our Intel Service members.

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