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How to Face the Interrogator (Security/Safety Advices)?
By SITE Institute
February 18, 2005

A summary of a book entitled ?The Philosophy of Confrontation Behind Bars? (a book said to have been circulating in hard copy prior to its confiscation by ?the occupation?s authorities?) was recently posted to a leading al-Qaeda-frequented Jihadist message board.

The summary states that the book ?explains the best ways to deal with interrogators, in order to defeat them, avoid their maneuvers and their twisted means.? Because of the book?s length and its current rarity in hard copy, the summary claims to have ?conducted a study on it, and extracted notions, recommendations and specific summarized points, so that every combatant can benefit from them, regardless of their level of education. We also wanted to save time for those who do not have time. Reading the book becomes necessary only for those who seek further explanations and nuances.?

The first portion of the summary (a translation of which is below) includes sections on the following: What to expect when first arrested; the beginning of the interrogation; what to understand about interrogation and the interrogators; keys to the failure or success of an interrogator; and the course and methods of the interrogation.

The following points are among the book?s advice included in the summary:

Regarding arrest: ?Your home or work could be raided, or you could be arrested in the street. Be strong and do not show any fear.?

Regarding the beginning of the interrogation: ?Before you is a clerk who waits for his salary at the end of the month, who often has no ideology or principle, and gets his strength from the walls of his stronghold and the weapons of the thousands of soldiers around him; [those soldiers] have no business with you. The clerk has limited authority beyond which he cannot go. This clerk is the interrogator.?

How to face the interrogator: ?Do not forget that the interrogator is a salaried person, and that he considers interrogating you a routine job. His power emanates from his authority not his own personality; whereas you are the other pole [leader], and your power comes from your faith in your cause. You are a combatant, not a hired man; therefore you must be the stronger one, because you really are stronger.?

Determining the interrogator?s success or failure: ?The interrogator?s methods are on a trial basis, and it is you who decide whether they fail or succeed.?

A translation of the first portion of the posted summary of the book ?The Philosophy of Confrontation Behind Bars? is provided to our Intel Service members.

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