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Jihadist Message Board Members Discuss Preparations for Jihad in Iraq
By SITE Institute
February 24, 2005

Recently, on a leading jihadist message board, a member asks for guidance and strength to pursue his desire to wage jihad in Iraq after he was rejected due to a lack of physical fitness. The member complains that training camps whose job it should be to make Mujahideen physically fit exist in Iraq, but that they do not accept him. ?My hopes were dashed,? he explains, ?when I consulted with one of the brothers about joining the Mujahideen. He asked me about my abilities, and I told him that I was not physically fit and had no experience, no mental readiness, nor any military or intelligential experience… he told me they would not accept me because I would be a burden on them. ?

Several members respond, confirming that the camps do indeed exist in Iraq, but that they must operate quietly and covertly because of exposure risks. The members go on to justify the need for physical fitness, arguing that a Mujahid must maintain self discipline and fitness if he hopes to serve to his full capacity with other Mujahideen in jihad. Replies one member, ?Physical fitness has a very crucial role: imagine that you have to walk a distance of 10 kilometers in order to carry out an operation which might last an hour or two, and then have to walk back - are you ready for this? Are you ready to pass messages, carry equipment etc.??

Another member responds by outlining the chain of affairs involved in planning a successful attack, noting that the operatives are engaged in only the execution of the attack. ?If one cannot do everything,? he writes, ?it does not mean one can do nothing. You can help in the rear ranks, instead of in the front ones, due to your poor physical fitness. ? He continues to describe all of the needs of the Mujahideen, stressing that there is a role for every person of any ability.

These communications stress the desire held by many to serve their fellow Mujahideen in Iraq. The desire is taken quite seriously by many who provide strict guidelines for acceptance. In addition, the members discuss the status of Mujahideen training opportunities in raq.

A full translation of the communications are provided to our Intel Service members.

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