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Jihadist Message Boards Link to Website Offering Advanced Military Training Manuals
By SITE Institute
February 25, 2005

Recently, jihadi message boards have directed their members to a website offering files containing military training and tactical manuals. The website comprises twenty-nine instruction files ranging from the use of explosives to the ?art? of kidnapping. Below is a partial list of the files found on the jihadi website:

-City Warfare
-Suggested Methods of Camouflage
-Intelligence and Security
-The Use of RPG?s
-Production of Poisons
-Explosives in the European Market
-Military advice to the mujahideen
-Military studies
-The Use of Explosives While Traveling
-Manufacturing of a Remote Control
-The ?Art? of Kidnapping (Americans)
-How to Become a Military Commander
-Production of Bombs
-Production of Bullets

The manuals, all in Arabic, contain detailed instructions accompanied by 
illustrations on Do-It-Yourself techniques as seen below:



(Remote Control Circuit Diagram)

(Construction of a homemade silencer)

The manual ?City Warfare? lists the difficulties in urban combat: ?many obstacles, many shelters, presence of civilians, difficulty to coordinate between forces, forces have a multitude of options, difficulty to supervise operations.?

Instructions on attacking buildings include ?the best way to enter is from the top floor because it is easiest to purge from top to bottom, and because it will compel the enemy forces to exit the building under fire from the supporting [group].?

Also in ?City Warfare,? the author provides general tactics of movement including warnings to avoid ?movement on empty streets, paths and fields or on other exposed areas, because they will serve as good shooting ground for the enemy.?

In addition, readers learn that inspecting rooms filled with enemy combatants involves tossing a hand grenade and moving rapidly: ?Enter quickly and shoot a burst of automatic gunfire: when the hand grenade explodes, you must enter as quickly as possible. The first person must stand with his back to the closest wall in a manner allowing him to inspect the entire room, and the other person must search it. The rest of the group will wait outside and cover the people inside the room.?

A full translation of this manual is provided to our Intel Service members.

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