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The Al-Quds Brigades, the Military Wing of the Islamic Jihad in Palestine, Claims Responsibility for the Suicide Operation in Tel Aviv
By SITE Institute
February 28, 2005

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) posted on its official web site ( ) a communiqué by its military wing, Sirayat al-Quds (al-Quds Brigades) claiming responsibility for the February 25 suicide attack at a Tel Aviv night club. PIJ is responsible for numerous suicide attacks in Israel.

The communiqué states that ?the heroic 21-year old suicide bomber, Abdullah Badran, from Dir Al-Ghudun, Tulkarem, managed to blow himself up at the entrance of the ?Stage? night club? and claims that the bombing killed more than 50 ?Zionists?. However, it was widely reported that the attack killed 4 Israelis.

This attack, at a time when various Palestinian terrorist organizations had agreed on a cease-fire, is referred to in the communiqué: ?the Al-Quds Brigades re-emphasize their commitment to the cooling-off period, which ended on February 22nd?, and explain that the attack ?is part of maintaining just resistance in retaliation to Zionist violations and crimes, perpetrated day and night by the Zionist enemy against our unarmed people.?

The communiqué also promises more attacks to follow: ?This heroic attack is a clear message to the leaders of the Zionist enemy, who speak of the ?defeat? of the Palestinian people, that our people has not been defeated and that its willpower has not, and with the help of Allah, will never be broken; it is capable of crossing all roadblocks of the Zionist security system and of carrying out harsh, qualitative attacks in the heart of the enemy.?

A complete translation of the communique is provided to our Intel Service members.

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