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Al-Qaeda in Iraq Claims Responsibility for Twin Attack on the Iraqi National Guard
By SITE Institute
March 2, 2005

Two communiqués posted on March 2, 2005 on a jihadist message board by Abu Maysara al-Iraqi, official spokesperson of al-Qaeda in Iraq , headed by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi claim responsibility for two attacks against the Iraqi National Guard.

The first message describes how a suicide bomber ?attacked a patrol of National Guard under the Baghdad Bridge on the highway. He (the suicide bomber) killed plenty of them (Iraqi soldiers) and wounded others, grace to Allah.?

The message claims insurgents in Iraq are close to victory: ?Our brothers in the Jihad Organization in the country of the Two Rivers (Iraq) are on their way to jihad and victory for the Muslims who are fighting for the sake of Allah till His Shari?a prevails over peoples and countries.?

The second message claims responsibility for an attack outside the al-Muthanna airport in western Baghdad. The airport, no longer in use, houses US forces and Iraqi National Guard soldiers.

According to Abu Maysara, the suicide bomber ?courageously attacked the center of the national guards at the al-Muthanna airport in the center of Baghdad. He killed tens of them thanks to Allah.? The message concludes ?today is the day of battle and you will hear what pleases you, you brothers in believing.?

According to American news reports, the suicide operation killed 6 Iraqis and wounded another 27.

A full translation of the messages are provided to our Intel Service members.

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