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Al-Qaeda in Iraq Issues Statement Warning the Believers About American Deception
By SITE Institute
March 4, 2005

In a statement issued February 28, 2005, allegedly by al-Qaeda in Iraq (al-Qaeda Organization in the Country of Two Rivers), the believers [Muslims] are warned of America?s duplicity in bringing the mujahideen to the bargaining table, noting that the move was made ?to recover and resume their [America?s] powerful attacks? and serve as a means of resorting American dignity. Further, this statement warns the Muslims that by joining the non-belivers? forces they are in great peril.

According to the statement delivered by ?the Grace of God to the mujahideen that he enabled them to put the Americans down on their knees from the attacks which made them sleepless, till the American and crusaders? defeat is obvious and clear as the sunshine,? al-Qaeda in Iraq warns the Sunni people about joining the National Guard and Iraqi police forces, saying: ?we would tell the entire world our belief that joining the National Guard and police forces of the non-believers is the worst infidelity and we have nothing to do with it but to fight it…?

Furthermore, the groups finds the American bargain ?obvious and uncovered?, and informs the Sunni people that they were given the choice between ?non-believers who kill your sons and have your women? or starting a National Guard from their own people to guard their own money and safety. In addition, the group explains that serving alongside the crusaders is considered anathema and unfaithful to Allah: ?Ye, who believe, do not take the Jews and Christians for friends and protectors. They are friends and protectors to each other. Amongst you that turn to them (for friendship) are of them.?

The message warns the Muslims of the American deceit, claiming that: ?Their intentions are to wait and see any sign of weakness so they can attack the Muslims and give them hell.?

The message concluded with a warning that: ?Therefore, we, (al-Qaeda organization in the country of two rivers), say that our sharp sword will reach the converters before the wicked Christians and we do not differentiate between a converter who is related to alsunna or a denying converter. Beware of Satan and remember, brother in jihad and islam, GOD?s words (GOD will back up those who back him).?

A full translation of the message is provided to our Intel Service members.

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