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Al-Qaeda in Iraq’s Latest Publication Describes the Goals of the Mujahideen in Iraq in “This is Our Identity”
By SITE Institute
March 5, 2005

A new publication, Thawrat al-Sinam, discusses in details the Ideology and the targets of Zarqawi?s al-Jihad Organization in the Land of the Two Rivers. The six-page section entitled, ?This is Our Identity?, is written by Abu Maysara, the official spokesman of the group, also known as al-Qaeda in Iraq.

In outlining their goals and aspirations, this section claims that al-Qaeda in Iraq ?is a group of Sunni Muslims trying to please Allah by implementing his order? which wishes to ?to renew the belief in monotheism (Tawhid)?. Abu Maysara further states ?by Jihad for the sake of Allah, as a mean to make His word the most exalted and to have back the lands from the nonbelievers and converters, is our goal.?

The author discusses the targets of al-Qaeda in Iraq and gives orders to ?kill everyone who sides with the nonbelievers in their war with Muslims in Iraq, be they army, police, or spies who help the Americans to commit crimes, raping our brothers in Abu Ghraib Prison and elsewhere, which would not succeed without their help and betrayal.?

Foreign mujahideen, who have traveled to Iraq to fight the Americans, are exalted in this section: ?they (foreign mujahideen) came to you to help you, they are not asking to be rewarded, not one penny; their necks are with yours, their blood with your blood, their souls are with your souls. Allah forbids our jihad as fitna (fight between Muslims), but foregoing our jihad is also fitna.?

Abu Maysara instructs the reader to prepare for imminent victory: ?so get ready, victory is coming and Allah will not leave the mujahideen even if everybody fails them, these operations are the beginnings of the end, Allah willing, it will be followed to complete victory, it is in Allah's power.

A full translation of the section is provided to our Intel Service members.

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