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Eighth Issue of "The Voice of Jihad" Released
By SITE Institute
Published in: Sawt al-Jihad
January 9, 2004

The eighth issue of ?The Voice of Jihad? [Sawt al-Jihad], the ideological mouthpiece of al-Qaeda sympathizers in Saudi Arabia has been released. This issue of constitutes a natural continuation to the previous issue, both focusing on al-Qaeda leaders new tapes as well as dedicating large portions to the 26 mujahideen wanted by the Saudi authorities.

The magazine, which gave particular dedication to Al-Zawahiri?s new tape in its previous issue, now focuses on Osama bin Laden?s new tape that was released earlier this week. The opening column, entitled ?Sheikh Osama bin Laden?s Call to Arms? praises the new release and explains, ?The sheikh?s message was clear to all the people of the [Arabian] peninsula: be prepared for the future before you will find yourself surprised and without proper preparation, this treachery would be treated in no other way but by Jihad in the name of Allah.? It also notes that ?…in our Jihad in the Arabian peninsula, we target the Christian forces, their military and intelligence and political centers.?

The second article regarding bin Laden?s new tape, entitled ?Time for the Ummah to Set Itself in Motion, This is What Osama Wanted to Say?, praises the speech and provides a ?Jihadist? analysis of the content of bin Laden?s new speech.

A fascinating interview with Saleh bin Muhammad Al-Awfy, one of the 26 fugitives, sheds light on the stance the Saudi mujahideen take, regarding their participation in the Jihad in Iraq. Al-Awfy, who fought in both Tajikistan and Chechnya, asserts that the Saudi fugitives must not escape to Iraq, but stay in Saudi, which is where they set their headquarters, stating ?the Christian enemy captured Iraq from this land, and did not administrate their actions there, but from here.?

?39 Ways to Assist the Jihad and the Mujahideen in the Name of Allah? is the book chosen for the unsigned book review column, urging the reader to study it. This short booklet of 56 pages was published in the past by ?The Islamic Studies and Research Center?, al-Qaeda?s online ideological publication. The booklet offers 39 tips which strengthen one?s belief in Jihad. These tips concern both one?s thoughts and actions. The second tip on the list, entitled ?Asking Allah for Martyrdom Sincerely?, urges the readers to be genuine when asking Allah to die as martyrs. The next tip is already ?Joining Jihad?.

This issue includes an ad for the ?Al-Battar Military Base? [Mu?askar al-Battar] bulletin which recently published its first issue. The bulletin, published by ?the Mujahed military committee in the Arabian Peninsula? consists of military training material and detailed weapon manuals. The previous issue of ?The Voice of Jihad? posted an ad for the ?Sehab [clouds] Institution? al-Qaeda?s production company, announcing the arrival of a new video entitled ?Badr of Riyadh?. As of now, the film has not been released yet.

Interestingly, as opposed to the first 6 issues, the last two do not disclose any information regarding the next issue?s features. This, as well as the fact the last issue rehashed the previous issue?s main feature, might indicate that the magazine is having trouble maintaining its current quality and diversity of topics in such high frequency.

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