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Messages from the Security Division of al-Qaeda in the Iraq to the Emir of Baghdad and Claim of Responsibility for Yesterday’s Assassination of a Colonel of the Interior Iraqi Intelligence
By SITE Institute
March 11, 2005

In a message issued March 11, 2005, Abu Soliman al-Iraqi, the Emir (Prince) of the Security Section of al-Qaeda in Iraq, the Jihad Organization in the Country of the Two Rivers, writes to the Emir of Baghdad, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, in elation of yesterday?s assassinations of ?two directors of police stations, their agent and converters?.

Corresponding not only with al-Baghdadi, but Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and the entire nation, as well, the message ?informs you that we put our hands on a group of his agents [Lt. Col. Abeis?] who side with the Jews and Christians; you will hear very soon, Allah willing, what cheers and pleases you.?

The message concludes with Abu Soliman al-Iraqi pledging that ?we [al-Qaeda in Iraq] will never be at ease unless we kill these criminals, who abused Muslim women and killed our brothers and their families and tortured them.?

In another communiqué, al-Qaeda in Iraq claims responsibility for the assassinations of a colonel of the Interior Intelligence and the regional police leader of al-Salhiyah.

Both messages were posted on the internet by Abu Maysara al-Iraqi, the official spokesman of al-Qaeda in Iraq.

Full translations of both messages are provided to our Intel Service members.

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